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  2. Manny Jakel says:

    ANDY, it’s about time. What took you so long?????

  3. Your book, Spring Fever, looks interesting BUT only available in e-book format??? Come on. I’ll not buy a Kindle to read the thing. How about some hard copy availability?

  4. Is there ANY way to buy a “Spring Fever” download we could print? Your other books I have underlined, high-lighted, cross-referenced, written definitions in the margins (your vocabulary is amazing), stuffed full of index cards. They’re text-books to STUDY. Your book, in e-book format, is just not going to work for some of us. PLEASE allow us some paper!!

  5. Dear Mr.McCarthy..we read all your works/books regularly. We do NOT want an E-book, we would appreciate a text book please!!! We do NOT like the idea of holding a tablet. cheers, renee

  6. Andrew McCarthy, You have become my new hero after reading your PJ Media article on The Wages of Willful Blindness… What a well thought out opinion and it fits with the history of what we are seeing today. I appreciated your willingness to depart from conventional Democrat/Republican thought on Islam. Theirs makes no sense and is inconsistent with the observable facts. I am founder of the 912 Project Tennessee and have been able to separate myself from the GOP to be able to see their weaknesses while lamenting my prior confusion about the GOP being the answer for America. Our hope is in God and righteous principles.

    My sincerest thanks for what you do,

  7. Manny Jakel says:

    Everyone agrees that you are the creme of the cream, the very best that America has ever produced.
    or am i mistaken.
    I just couldn’t resist.
    I pray for you all of the time, ANDY, and am proud to say so. You are the sole reason it has not become worse than it is.

  8. Mr. McCarthy, I’m a great fan of yours. I have all your books. I followed the Blind Sheikh trials back in the 1990s with great interest. Yours is one of the most important voices on the political scene in regards to the advent of a global caliphate. But we need your words in print. Voice and electronics just won’t do. You can’t quote or verify a “voice” and electronic print has a way of disappearing, along with the truth. I hope you and your publisher will reconsider putting out a print version of Spring Fever.

  9. Duwayne Rhinelees says:

    Mr McCarthy: I’ll just add my voice to those clamoring for a print edition of your new book. E Books are fine for novels and similar items that you’ll probably read only once. For something more substantial, there’s no substitute for print. As someone mentioned above, you need a book to take notes, underline items, make remarks, go back quickly to previous pages and so on….all elements that are present in serious reading. And even if I wanted a Kindle edition, I can’t get it. I currently live in the Middle East and when I went to the Amazon site for your book, they had a big sign that said something to the effect that “This book is unavailable in E-book format for your location”. So it appears NO ONE currently in the Middle East will be able to download your book even if they wanted to. That’s probably a huge audience of readers/buyers that are being shuttered out.

    At least, make your book available as an “Print On Demand” publication. That way you only print what’s asked for. I’m not sure how that format works, but it’s something to think about. Thanks.

  10. Sharon Kass says:

    Mr. McCarthy, it was Lucy, not Linus, who said, “I love mankind. It’s people I can’t stand.”

    Thank you.

    –Sharon Kass

  11. andy r u an american ? I think and know I dont like u or anything u wtite even if I never read anything u wrote Why u say because what I read what u were writting about the piece of shit person that killed my fellow americans in boston u should have used just a very few words like kill the basterd in the hospital and the father surly the bitch mother o who says the story of her dam dogs thats her dam kids are good kids what is wrong with u everything is about stories and money ? e mail back u —— — — ——–

  12. ps stop writting whatever u write people that reply nice things about u must be from other and not born here and be true americans and yes im vet i was in the NAVY i am 100% service con I dont think u know anything about being an american? let me know also y u should live in my great USA

  13. Given our dubious results in Iraq, after the expense of so much blood and treasure – not to mention gifting Democrats with what appears to be a very long-term lease on the White House, weren’t there at least some Bush Administration advisers arguing against the commitment of ground forces anywhere in the Middle East for the purpose of promoting the installation of western-style democracy – a certainly well-intended but futile and counterproductive policy? In what book[s] is this pivotal decision point recounted?

  14. I just finished your book Spring Fever The Illusion of Islamic Democracy. I thought it was excellent, but there were many typos. You need a better proof reader.

  15. Deborah Toth says:

    Please, sir. We need print versions of your books. Also, what translation(s) of the Koran did you use as your sources when writing The Grand Jihad and Arab Spring? Thank you.

  16. Dear Andy,

    I’m a huge fan of yours. I came across this in a book on the history of economics. The bit on “infiltrating and indoctrinating the political parties and institutions of the West” reminded me of the brotherhood. Fabian Islamists…


    The London School of Economics, established in 1895, is considered one of the most
    prestigious colleges in the world. Many famous people have been associated with the
    LSE, including the playwright George Bernard Shaw, socialist Harold Laski, Nobel
    Prize–winning economist Friedrich A. Hayek, and rock-and-roll singer Mick Jagger (as
    a student).
    LSE was created by prominent members of the Fabian Society, all socialists—
    Sidney and Beatrice Webb and Bernard Shaw, the most gifted dramatist of the age.
    The Fabian Society was established in the mid-1880s to convince bourgeois intellectuals
    of the virtues of socialism. It was named after Quintus Fabius Maximus, a Roman
    general who avoided defeat by refusing to fight Hannibal head-on. The Fabian socialists
    rejected the revolutionary methods of the Marxists; rather they sought to achieve
    the same ends by infiltrating and indoctrinating the political parties and institutions of
    the West. This indirect gradualist approach proved extremely successful in twentiethcentury
    Britain, which experienced high levels of nationalization and welfarism. In fact,
    Sidney Webb established the British Labour Party in 1906.

  17. Mr. McCarty, What is happening to our country is a shame. I truly believe obamacare is similar to the German Enabling Act. A complete take-over. I found an excerpt of obama care by The Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, it reads under Sec. 1173A: ” For Doctors in Residency-the government will now be involved in educating doctors or indoctrinating them into their government controlled health care mindset. A bureaucrat will determine where you can do your residency and what you will be specializing in during that residency.
    The magnitude of the bill along with the numerous citations to other legislation makes it nearly impossible to figure out what everything in the bill actually means.The commission states………….. Now to me it means the government can change the rules at any time…..Just like obama, with the laws he likes and ones he doesn’t like. ICE, EPA, Boarder Patrol, IRS and dumping
    And if that is not shocking enough, the commission states ” The House Health Care Bill would create a program for senior citizens that likely would include education about end-of-life decisions and impacts on families. This program could essentially encourage the premature death of the elderly. This “Advance Care Planning Consultation” could be a slippery slope that potentially leads to euthanasia.
    By the simple act of mandatory insurance on a certain group of people and preferential hierarchy of others, completely destroys our country, and our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    The government will would decide who should live or die. Like England or the Netherlands.
    The government will decide who has abortions and who can keep their babies, Like China.

  18. Jeff Shuter says:

    Thanks for shining the beacon of freedom into the darkest corners of government…. Surely both DOJ and the Fourth Estate could take some lessons (although I won’t hold my breathe).
    Your article (23-Nov-2013) about scheme behind the Obamacare fraud was right on the money. The challenge is how to present that picture to the typical low-information voters, who understand neither the free-market or socialist models nor how that has any bearing on their lives. I see it as trying to pitch a long-term investment to someone who will drink away his entire week’s paycheck with his loyal friend Jack Daniels by describing the security and promising high interest rate. Details only matter once the controlling concepts and princples are understood.
    Further than your article went, though, is the broader Alinskyite scheme – state controlled life, not just health care. In economics, foreign policy, military and intelligence, jurisprudence, and basic existence, Obama, like his mentors and friends, seek social justice – which is neither social nor just. But since it sounds good for the proletariate, it is accepted by the liberals, promoted by the media, and sold to the populace. What will they think when they discover that scheme? Or will it be too late?
    Keep up your trumpeting of freedom. How do we connect all of these pieces to map out the broad picture?

  19. “What difference does is make?” How about two presidencies?

    The question that should be asked regarding the Benghazi attack is: Did Obama, Hillary and their staff discuss the political fallout resulting from the attack while the attack was going on?

    Maybe that’s why Obama was AWOL while the Embassy was under siege. He and Hillary and their staff went into serious damage control to salvage their political careers. That’s not too far fetched when you consider there were potentially two presidencies at risk: Obama’s re-election that by every account was going to be very close and Hillary’s in 2016.

    How did they come up with the “Video” excuse? This was totally made up. Isn’t it obvious how that one scenario conveniently provides cover for both Obama and Hillary? A successful terrorist attack on an American Embassy would be very costly politically because it would show Obama as being weak on defense and Hillary as incompetent.

    They tried hard to sell the video excuse to the American people and were lying every time they mentioned it. Why was Susan Rice sent out to promote the lie and not Hillary? If you remember Hillary quickly left the country to avoid questions and stonewalled for months and then eventually wants us to think the whole event is ancient history.

    If Obama had requested additional support during the attack then the “Protest Over a Video” excuse would not have worked. He would have to admit that he knew the attack was more than a protest.

    The Democrat’s slogan should be “Politics First” because for them it always is regardless if it’s national defense, economy, foreign policy, women’s rights, you name it. Unfortunately this time politics came before four American lives.

  20. Daniel Longo says:

    You’re an asshole.

  21. Mr. McCarthy, Thank you for your article at NRO( ‘Blame the Video’ Fraud…), and your discussion of the events in Cairo prior to the Benghazi attack. While I wouldn’t put it past this administration to fabricate ‘the video’ excuse to benefit politically, I don’t think that is what happened. I have always thought that the State Department’s “shrieking over the video”, as you put it, from the embassy in Cairo, was their attempt to introduce the excuse for what would later happen in Benghazi. I wonder if Ambassador Stevens knew damaging information about what the State Dept. was doing in Libya (The Blaze TV reported there is evidence of weapons being funneled to terrorists in Libya) and that this attack was planned by the administration to get rid of him. If I remember correctly, the State Dept. denied requests for security and even removed security prior to the attack. They created the video fairy-tale before the attack occurred and seemed pretty intent on selling that as the excuse. During the attack, the military was not allowed to provide help. The President was nowhere to be found during the critical decision-making period that night. And to my knowledge, we haven’t punished anyone responsible for the attacks (except the maker of the video). It looks like more than just image control going on, if you ask me. Before you call me crazy, think about the dangerous people this administration is associated with. With that in mind, please don’t post this message. Please delete it. Thanks again for the work you do. I always enjoy hearing you being interviewed.

  22. I wanted to thank you so much for all the work you have done and are doing in acquainting Westerners with the reality of Islam. A question for Muslims that has not yet been raised to my knowledge is: “Were the Prophet Muhammad to miraculously appear today — whom would he immediately recognize, find commonality with and rush to join: the Jihadis (i.e., religiously justified terrorists, bandits and Fifth Columnists) or ‘Moderate Muslims’ (i.e., either the lukewarm or non-practicing with any thoughts of conquest on indefinite hold )?” I would anticipate more silence. In my opinion this problem simply can not be fixed within Islam and Western Civilization must face that reality and prepare accordingly. Again, many thanks.

  23. Mr. McCarthy: I’ve exchanged some emails with Daniel Pipes in the past, and respect his work very much. But I disagree that Islam can be reformed. Christianity was reformed because good people went back to what their holy book actually said and rejected the corruption of the medieval church. Islam was “moderate” for a long time because they didn’t follow their holy book, the Koran, and because they were held in check by the military power of the West. In the late 20th century and up to now, they have gone back to what their book actually says, and that has led them more in the direction of bin Laden than someone like Zuhdi Jasser.

    We should remember that at the time Mohammed died in 632 AD, almost all the area west of Saudi Arabia was Christian (about 90%). Today, it is less than 10% in North Africa and everywhere in the Middle East except Israel. In 732, a century after Mohammed died, the Muslim advance was halted at the Battle of Tours in France, and centuries later, Muslims were expelled from Spain in 1492 and from Austria in 1529. The people who defeated the Muslims of those times knew who and what they were. Islam is not an evangelical religion spread by persuasion; it is a predatory religion spread by intimidation and conquest. True Islam will never be democratic or moderate. To hope so is to weaken the West, and to believe in fantasies.

  24. Dear Mr. McCarthy:

    On Monday, June 2, 2014, you were interviewed by Mr. Mark R. Levin on the nationally syndicated radio show entitled “The Mark Levin Show,” and both you and Mr. Levin were weak in your presentation to show up the bad nature of Barack Obama and his associates. You and Mr. Levin use mushy words, such as “tyranny,” to define Barack Obama and like persons. By the way, another truly mushy word is “statist,” which, when heard by someone, instills no great fear in the mind. Until you begin to regularly call Barack Obama and like persons an “enslavist” (a word that is structured around “slavery), you will not raise fear in people well enough get them to act, and you will not give regular persons a word with which to use to put down Barack Obama to people who need to know the true nature of Barack Obama and like persons, who are working to create an “enslavism” form of government in the country, such as something like communism. If you are at a grocery store and you are trying to explain the nature of Barack Obama to someone you do not know, say–“Barack Obama is an enslavist!” Say that to yourself right now. Notice you do not need to define the word to your listener or listeners, as you do when using “statist.” The word “enslavist” has force and makes people take notice. In addition, “liberal” is a useless word to use in trying to define a bad man.


    Victor Swanson, publisher
    The Hologlobe Press

  25. A simple question, from a simple man, Why debate impeachment when the proper charge should be High Treason ! By his own mouth and actions he is guilty, and it would only be fitting that he suffer the required punishment if convicted.

  26. 9/11/12 just weeks away You know there will be a protest somewhere..(state).You find a video…You put it in your back pocket. and Wait..You know that if anything happens that becomes more than a protest DEFENSE is in charge . State is off the HOOK?..OUTSIDE OF DC is there in America outside of me that believes that Penetta and Chief of Staff of the Services Thinks that they went to the WH to report A PROTEST…Meetings can be on the docket everyday …REMEMBER many other people in Benghazi have phones some may have by passed state and were in directly connect with Defense many hours or even a few days ahead of the attack, with INTEL I also find it Hard to believe that DAVID AND DAVID had to find out the reason for the attack in Benghazi on Sunday the 16th….Lets look at the possible Suez Sunday Message ‘ IT was a TERRORIST attack” Suez would be flipping Hamburgers today…..Could have BEN tipped the talking points to the Campaign? Could Ben got the NOD OK? These emails on the 14th smoke and mirrors….Everyone on vacation on the 12th and the 13th…THINK THINK IF you say to Penetta I”LL GET BACK To YOU…and you do not for 9 Hours that’s the SAME AS a STAND DOWN order if you have no “GO ORDER” If I were Prez during the Missing ( hours I would be Listening to events in REAL TIME along with my TRUSTED CAMPAIGN TEAM What do I Know!

  27. Johnson says:

    OCEAN, RIGHT ON THE MONEY…Rhodes tipped the talking points to Axelrod…Ben could not give talking points to RICE without approval from the TEAM and if the TEAM knew then the ONE knew..When you have the PRESS in your pocket you can say anything.. However when you are in front of a House Hearing you have to guard your words with AND IFS or BUTS and you Take the Middle of the ROAD again with MAYBES and couldas wouldas and shouldas

  28. Just saw you on Judge Jeanine discussing impeachment. One more red flag: Miriam Ibraham (sp) in prison with 2 little AMERICAN children yet State Dept wants proof they are NOT MUSLIMS! Obama is upholding Sharia law over 3 American citizen prisoners. He swore oath to uphold our Constitution not sharia law! Enough for this traitor!

  29. Nelson Whipple says:

    Every policy Obama has is to accomplish his purpose, the transition of America into a much weakened republic. Few public figures recognize his motives even though they may be close to doing so. Your comments on Kelly File last night were very close to the point. Obama does all he can to create confusion, chaos and contention, whether it is in immigration, energy, environment, foreign affairs, education, health care or defense of this nation, When it gets bad enough it will provide the excuse for a military takeover with the military aided by armed IRS agents, Land Management troopers, Agriculture Department employees with submachine guns and the various and sundry thugs he has to obey his orders. Perhaps the Muslims also! our citizens must wake up to this tragedy in process or they will end in slavery. Thanks for your contributions to the fight for freedom.

  30. What America needs is a 4th branch of government…an Oversight branch with teeth, that can throw out politicians that break the law before too much damage is done. It should be run by real patriots that have served their country at ranks not higher than Lt Col. and the decision making should be based on metrics of good governance. No politician should be allowed to break the law and get away with it.

  31. This is a very powerful and well written book which I agree with 100%!

  32. jardalkal says:

    Obama will be the last president of the US. There may be 1 year of all life after the election in 2016.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Dear Mr. McCarthy – I hope this finds you well.

    If one puts together a “timeline” of Benghazi Sunday morning shows.
    It would seem Ms. Rice would have known Saturday of her appearances.
    It would seem that the “talking points” would have been fully developed by the evening.

    However it lacks credibility that a video can be found and vetted in hours as ‘causal’.
    Especially if it is in a foreign language, that few other than perhaps the
    president might be familiar with. Presuming the audio was indeed original.

    Hence it would seem more likely that the video was on the shelf, ready to run, as an
    “excuse” for any “terrorist” event that might materialize during re-election season.

    This is based on politial candidates admitting to being taken offsite and having
    Party persons rehearse or “brief” or “war-game” situations and answers prior
    to any public appearances.

    It would seem an obvious issue to ‘war-game’ would be a terrorist event.

    Ms. Clinton would likely have recalled the media surrounding the
    TWA flight 800 during the summer of 1996 of Pres. Clinton’s reelection

    Clearly and ostensibly to thwart any politcal opponents that might fault the incumbent,
    for random acts of terrorism, blame should be placed elsewhere.
    Agreements would be made as to who or what to blame.

    Recent memory “attacks” as a result of a ‘book burning’ or a cartoon in
    a Danish Newspaper have no shelf life. A video solves both these issues.
    Blaming the Copts who are victims in their country seems a poor choice.

    So to check their story, which might have truthful elements some investigation
    Is needed. The IRS might indeed have had a disk crash. Especially if one removes
    The disk and throws in down. Then indeed one could testify that it crashed.
    We sense that this administration has persons acutely aware of obstruction of justice.
    Staff rotates constantly so as to say “not me” or “before my time” or “after my time” or
    “no recollection” or whatever.

    Perhaps you and/or Mr. Gowdy subpoena Utube and find out
    The “IP” address of the poster of the purported video.
    One could then use the IP to Geographical lookup
    such as to find where it was posted from.

    One would then do the same for “downloads”. Then one would check each download
    and see where it was. That would be step#1.

    But supposing more than a few persons were complicit in this mission,
    and knowing the parent of Utube (Google) are fully complicit and fearful of
    various intel agencies, one would need to do more due diligence.

    For instance, “who exactly” by name and address were the downloaders of the
    video. Then one would go and interview them and find out all about them.

    Also, find out the supposed poster of the video. Even with the evidently “staged”
    arrest in Southern California, complete with black hood (intel agency style),
    we know nothing of this person. A patsy? Someone complicit? Who knows?

    Finally, some confounding issues, that may seem odd, but need to be

    On the fringe, a coworker suggested that Ambassador Stevens was hated.
    The justification for this is the events themselves.

    On another fringe, it was suggested that because the US did not ensure
    Khadaffi’s safety, at least until trial as with others ousted in the area,
    That this was a Quid Pro Quo and the administration deliberately turned a
    blind eye to the events. The justification for this is the various Arab press
    articles touting that Ambassador Stevens was sodomized as was Khadaffi
    And so their sense of vengeance was realized. This adminstration was a
    fall supporter of the “Arab Spring”, but power brokers in the area (read Saudi’s)
    may have frowned upon the Khadaffi treatment. This would also explain the
    seeming success of the Syrian president. Until safe passage is guaranteed,
    he will likely remain in office.

  34. Deborah White says:

    Perhaps rather than blow out this small match, Boehner, we should be breathing life into any and all “matches” whether they be Tea Partiers, RINO’s, entrenched politicos, Libertarians, Gays or Dems. Perhaps, if we get enough “matches” ignited, we can begin the process you speak of in your excellent book. You are a giant among us. We have your shoulders to stand on. Let’s overlook our “criticisms” of each other and see our Nation made up of individuals doing what they can and not a “collective” ruled by an Oligarchy. We need each and every individual not matter what their “ineffective” intentions may be. Perhaps enough of these “ineffective” intentions may be just the tinder we need.

  35. tom chastain says:

    dear andrew
    please get on the sean hannity program and fox and friends and the mike huckabee show and booktv to talk about your book faithless execution also hope you will come to tampa for a book signing there is a barns and nobel in carolwood fla and a inkwood books in tampa please let me know of any signing

  36. If we caught someone that targeted American Citizens and caused them harm or death we would arrest them. My best friend lives in a small town in East Texas, Owns his 7 acres of land, his house is fully paid for so all he has to do is make enough for the bills and enjoy his life. Well when Obama Care came out he didn’t have insurance so he went and signed up. There is a loop hole in Obama Care that no one knows about. If you don’t earn a certain amount of money you do NOT qualify for the Obama Care insurance at the subsidized cost. You do however qualify for the insurance at the full price which he couldn’t afford in the first place. He broke his femur 6 months ago and needs hip replacement surgery but can’t get it because he doesn’t have health insurance. 4 Doctors and 4 Hospitals have sent him hobbling home with some crappy pain killers and told him to come back when he can afford to pay for the hip, surgery, doctors, and pay the hospital.

    Somebody help me and see if I’m confused, President Obama created, signed and approved Obama Care. Obama Care targets a huge group of tax paying American citizens and causes them harm or even death because it PREVENTS them from getting insurance which I thought (But must be wrong) The Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care) was made to help exactly those people?

    The President shouldn’t be impeached! He should be arrest for Terrorism just like we would do with any one else that targeted Americans and caused them Harm or Death.

    ARREST HIM DON’T Impeach Him!

  37. Sam Ainsworth, PhD says:

    Excellent book. Well presented. Couldn’t put it down. Too bad the politics won’t lead to impeachment.

  38. riparianinc says:

    The “Chevron deference” I was taught in law school is a two part thing:

    1. The statute must be ambiguous. (“susceptible of two interpretations”)

    2. The ageny’s gap-filling response must be reasonable.

    Since the text in question is NOT ambiguous, and since nothing in Chevron allows an agency to fix whatever it thinks is a “mitsake,” the DC Cir is correct while the 4th Cir is not.

    But on your “not a drafting error” NRO comment, “Demosthenes” told “Colonel Travis” an hour ago that “The whole point of Chevron Deference is if the law as written contains a clear mistake that is inconsistent with the law’s intent and purpose, then an agency’s interpretation has great weight.” No, that’s just plain wrong.

  39. Our president has been committing passive treason. Will not stop ISIS when informed long ago.
    Sides with hamas. Letting Iran get nukes. Letting putin have his way. Opening borders fo infiltration.
    When they come he will join them and let us types be killed. Fund raiser is paramont to prevent the other party that would have a. War on terror. I only hope that you can put forth an argument through these and your facts thatl can proccure a true impeachment on these grounds.

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  42. Cheers on Faithless Execution. Well done! I will have to pass this one around for everyone I know to read….

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  52. I can’t understand why people can’t see the truth about our pRESIDENT. He is not an American, he is a radical terrorist, himself. He has no problem lying to the “infaidel”, you know us Americans. Every decision that he makes, he makes to help under mind our country. It appears that homeland security is the last thing on his mind, “not even even a smidgen”, of concern about security. And, if it were not enough, every person that he brings into his fold is just as corrupt as he is.

  53. To Andrew C. McCarthy: I truly hope this message reaches you. It’s about your article on the bogus Khorosan Group. You said no one’s heard of this group until currently. MAYBE NOT SO. Would you please check out a youtube vid made in Iran, March, 2011. The video is “The Coming Is Upon Us”, trans., Reza Kahlilli. At about 19:00 minutes, ff., they discuss the Khorosan Province warriors. This video is propaganda, apocalyptic, and proports to be prophetic, including about the troops of Khorosan (if I interpret correctly). I read your article with interest. Keep up the great work.
    –Judith Harding,

  54. Judith Harding says:

    The above message was NOT from “Anonymous”. It got accidently sent too soon. Here is my information, in the form that you requested it. Please remove my email address from anything that might be published. Thanks.

  55. Now that nearly a month has passed since I said that the pRESIDENT is most likely a radical terrorist, how could anyone not see that he is going out of his way to cause damage to the U.S. I am waiting for the end of his term, when he finally gets before the mic, and announces, CHECK MATE !

  56. Michael E Fanning says:

    Dear Andrew,

    Just viewed your interview on Fox News with Megyn Kelly and I wanted you to know that your explanation of the pitfalls of our government failing to label these series of attacks by Islamic Jihadists as being “Terrorist” is the most well stated and succinct that I have yet heard. Well done Sir.

    Mike Fanning
    LAPD Sergeant, retired.

  57. Nick Howard says:

    He has thrown the US Constitution aside. He has ignored the Nov. 4, 2014 MANDATE from the American People to Cease and Desist in his unconstitutional actions.

    In Ferguson, MO, the Obama Regime went to extreme lengths to create Nationwide RIOTS over the shooting incident. These actions constitute INCITING REBELLION, which is TREASON.

    Obama declared an Executive Amnesty for Five Million Illegal Aliens. This constitues an ACT OF WAR against the US, which is TREASON.

    Obama now declares that he will issue an Executive Action instituting GUN CONTROL in the US. This is a willful VIOLATION of the Second Amendment. It constitutes an ACT OF WAR against the Country and OPPRESION against the American People.

    It is clear to ALL REASONABLE PEOPLE that Obama intends to continue his USURPATION of the Presidency and his TREASON and ACTS OF WAR against our Country and our People. He believes that he CAN NOT and WILL NOT be stopped!

    Obama the USURPER and TRAITOR MUST BE STOPPED! He MUST BE STOPPED NOW before irreversible damage can be done!

    I call on FIVE MILLION Faithful US Citizens and on ALL Faithful Members of the US Military to GO TO the White House and OCCUPY it until the Constitution is restored.


  58. Hi there I am so delighted I found your blog, I really found you by error, while I was browsing on Yahoo for something else, Anyhow I am here now and would just like to say thanks for a fantastic post and a all round interesting blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to go through it all at the minute but I have book-marked it and also included your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up the fantastic jo.|

  59. Andy, I enjoy your blog and faithfully follow your posts and articles at National Review. I was a federal prosecutor during some of the times that you were, although my cases were much lower profile. I’ve written a LinkedIn post () slightly disagreeing with your take on Eric Garner’s death. I think that Mr. Garner died because the officers pinned him to the concrete (positional asphyxia) and that the officers (all the officers on the scene) could/maybe should have been indicted for that. I wondered if you had any thoughts on that part of the incident?

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  61. Whenever you’re done with the bullshit that is your life….let me know. You should know where to reach me.

  62. Mr. McCarthy, you did a wonderful public service- your full synopsis of Faithless Execution on Amazon-so even those who don’t linger long will know about Obama high crimes and misdemeanors. I, myself am awaiting the hardcover now. You build such a strong and eminently readable case – Even here in S. Florida liberal la-la land I meet many people daily who are really angry about it, though resigned. I’m not-I’m extremely outraged and try to wake up the electorate whenever and wherever I can. Wish we could all band together and effectuate the only solution… Maybe we can all rally on April 17 when every taxpayer becomes aware of how they’ve been screwed to pay for this maniac’s visions.

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  64. Mr McCarthy, have you written an article yet on the most probable outcomes of impeaching Mr O – actually removing him from office, whether you are opposed to it or not? . I would like to know your analysis, from as many angles as you can possibly imagine. I know you have already written some on it. But a step-by-step most probable scenario? has anyone else – one you would consider fathomable?
    Many Thanks.

  65. Dear Mr. McCarthy:

    With regard to Obama’s eligibility to be President: It may be that he is disqualified by the Immigration & Naturalization Act of 1952. I will explain why.

    I have been debating for a while with certain right-wingers who believe people like Cruz, Jindal, and Rubio are constitutionally ineligible to be President.

    In the course of debating them, I have brought in the Immigration & Naturalization Act of 1952. I find that Cruz IS eligible but Obama is NOT eligible — or, at least, he is no more eligible than is any anchor baby.

    Here is the INA of 1952:

    The Immigration and Nationalization Act of 1952

    Title III Nationality and Naturalization, Chapter 1

    Section 301(a)(7) says as follows:

    A person born outside the geographical limts of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents one of whom is an alien, and the other a citizen of the United States who, prior to the birth of such person, was physically present in the United States or its outlying possessions for a period or periods totaling not less than ten years, at least five of which were after attaining the age of 14 years.

    Obama is born of a relationship with one citizen-parent.

    In order for his citizen-parent to confer (her) citizenship upon him, she had to meet two tests.

    a) She had to have lived at least 10 years of her life inside the United States.

    Obama’s mother met this qualification.

    b) Five of those years had to have run from the time of the citizen-parent’s 14th birthday.

    In other words, the citizen-parent must be at least 19 years of age, to confer US citizenship at birth upon his/her offspring.

    It is a matter of record that Obama’s mother was still 18 years of age, and had not achieved her 19th birthday when she gave birth to her son.

    Therefore, she was legally unable to confer her US citizenship upon him because she was legally underage.

    Obama is the son of a relationship in which NEITHER parent was legally competent to bestow US citizenship upon him at birth.

    This is indisputable and incontrovertible.

    (Cruz’ mother, by contrast met BOTH tests, because she was in her ’30’s when she bore her son in Canada.)

    THE QUESTION: Is an anchor baby eligible to become President?

    FOR AT BEST, Obama IS LEGALLY IN THE SAME CATEGORY AS ANY ANCHOR BABY. IF he is eligible, it is in the same way any anchor baby is eligible(?) — by dint of physical birth inside the United States.

    For what IS an anchor baby? An anchor baby is a baby, physically born inside the United States, with two parents NEITHER of who can confer US citizenship upon that baby, because they are inside the United States illegally.

    That describes Obama’s situation precisely,.

    (Which is why the matter of his birth certificate is so important.)


    You have a far greater legal mind than I have. I therefore leave this to you and your colleagues.

    But, it seems to me, if a sound case can be made that no anchor baby is constitutionally eligible to become President, then there is yet another Article of Impeachment — Impeachment by reason of Disqualification.

    James A. Nollet

  66. Angel & Fans says:

    Hello, Mr. McCarthy me and other fans are very upset that we have to wait ANOTHER year for season 4 of Orange Is The New Black when season 3 hasn’t even come out yet… We are very very mad, please have season 4 come out sometime this year.

    From your fans

  67. Sir. i live in a spot in America , right now that is not being served by a Congressman (GRIMM) is AWOL. I did report much of the details and facts with respect to this criminal persecution from behind of Americas Veterans. To a Mr.LIN in Senator Grassley’s office. While some of the E-mail communication’s were blocked. Mr.LIN gave me the impression the third party (F.B.I.-???) in the case did in fact contact him. That contact would have been to claim almost anything in relation to myself. And their reason for the illegal surveillance conducted with resulted in documented harassment by several of my former employers. Some of which attempted to make out of court arrangements with me intended to preempt a lawsuit. In any case the matter is now on going a few years now and current. In fact the party not only tampered with the NYC civil service process , now under investigation by the NYPD I.G.’s Office. Also Sir., as of right now , today the state of New York (by way of a JUDGE) i talked with on the phone 4 days ago. Is attempting to with hold the name and unit (F.B.I.-???) responsible for providing and requesting private information which is criminal i’m sure and shows malice. It’s shows the extant of malice caused by state government workers not sure , manipulated into targeting an innocent person. ** Congressman – SIR., please Sir will you assist me to investigate and contact the press about this matter that may be nation wide in scope. Thank you CARL from NYC. ****************************************** ************************************************************************************* I believe i have discovered a Domestic Espionage Operation run by State side operators. I have reported this matter to an Aid/Staff ( Mr.LIN ) member of United States SENATOR Chuck Grassley and the NYPD -Inspector Generals Office run by ( Mr.EURE ). In both cases my E-Mail communication / interaction were blocked / intercepted. It is only by chance i was able to discover this truth just last month (03/2015). In both cases i mention the problem along with details of this criminal on going unlawful surveillance of a private citizen & Veteran. I’m sure that in each instance the party doing the surveillance contacted the staff of both the elected and appointed official. And further more , the staff of both officials have not been honest about the matter. If true , there is a major cover-up and the possible existence of a covert program. Please help me obtain the truth , help me force the staff of both the elected official and the appointed official to come clean. My fear is that the program is related to an ‘F.B.I.- COINTELPRO or DHS covert operation known as the **(NO-WORK-LIST)**. Thank you – Carl (info.only)

  68. Sign the petition: Expose the F.B.I. ‘DO-NOT-WORK’ list Veterans are placed on. Stop it.

  69. Hey Andy, I met your dad in the skin-doctors office (I was having some cancer removed… Irish man in SoCal). I passed along my card to my blog because he was reading a Weekly Standard. He was very proud of your work. I, as well, have enjoyed many of your articles/work.

    Anyways, much thought and prayer to you and yours.

  70. joe loughran says:

    Andrew, what makes you think that Obama’s Iranian deal was a “humiliating capitulation” as opposed to a deliberate decision to give one of the most radical, murderous regimes in human history $150 billion and a clear path to becoming a nuclear superpower?

  71. Google me: jeffreydavidmorris,

    Additional Personal Spiritual Theology;


    B.I.B.L.E. = ‘B.asic I.nstruction’s B.efore L.eaving E.arth’; but you = humanity no hear no, YES, Adam and Eve, can never comprehend = (understatement), what (they – both) set in motion. Perhaps Eve wouldn’t have been the first to sin, IF, Adam would have first / prior / beforehand, remembered AND told / relayed unto Eve, WHAT Father God told him – (Adam) to tell Eve – (re: not touching the tree of life). But no, guess that just slipped Adam’s mind, thus, both Adam and Eve are to blame. Adam no listening (=) Man first to sin, never the less, Eve committed the actual act;

    BUT, had Adam relayed immediately the message, misc thereof by God unto the woman, she just may have not committed the act there of, ya think.

    But humanity, despite continual, timeless, ill maintained ‘i.f.w.’ – (ill free will usage) amongst the world’s public known AND unknown decision power holder’s, separately noted that Father God just wanted to ‘create’ something, hence, it never was suppose to be like this, thus, Adam and Eve’s (downfall?) was not enough justification / validation to move/ persuade –

    Father God to scrap all and begin again anew, thus, decided that (?) done was going to be used unto His (Father God’s) agenda. Human power holder’s wouldn’t know power if it stared them in the face!

    Yet humanity (wonders cluelessly?) why Father God justifies a) Judgment Day and b) allowing / granting Lucifer / Satan = (the yet to come: wolf in sheep’s clothing as anti – Christ) – minimal power? BECAUSE, humanity (from Adam and Eve UNTO those ‘few’ in the very end, and that of course includes the current / present: (7,075,910,184), give or take = individual breath mist energy – human’s, continually, exhibit’s ill maintained ‘i.f.w.’ – (ill free will usage), thus, forcing Father God’s hand, hence, Father God (ie: as the ultimate parent, (knowing what’s best for His creation (s), not our’s).

    There’s i.f.w. < see above), and p.f.w. = proper free will usage. We are mere breath mist energy creation’s dispensed out of father God’s very Being, that is all. And as such/understated result: one’s left hand represents Father God’s hand and one’s right hand represents humanity, hence, Father God justifies:

    a) Judgment Day and b) allowing / granting Lucifer / Satan = (the yet to come: wolf in sheep’s clothing as anti – Christ) minimal power. Pain, misc can be Controlled, you just Disconnect it.

    And again as such, humanity, continually, exhibiting ill maintained ‘i.f.w.’ – (ill free will usage), with hence the forced b) allowing / granting Lucifer / Satan minimal power c) giving Lucifer / Satan a timeless ill audience, just another something to ill laugh at (us!), and Lucifer / Satan court jester’s, regardless whether humanity ‘gets it’ or not, it is – what is.

    One legion of angel’s is (10,000), then know, that there is, and as always been, a Heaven ‘life records’ room, with an angel = ‘life recorder’, assigned unto each and every individual breath mist energy human life record; and no, the life recorder angel has to involvement with whom’s life record they are assigned to = solely to record everything, as such of that individual breath mist energy human’s life while in the body on Earth; it's always been – (the human's).

    There ain’t no feather pen’s, misc just moving across the page (s) – ie: ‘Harry Potter’, of a individual breath mist energy human’s life record in the Heaven ‘life records’, where I’m sure it is off limit’s and zero allowed entry except for Father God / Jesus authorization personnel in such room, and that’s all the life recording angel’s do, is just record (per text above) = prior to and prepping for – re: Judgment Day. Note: the Horn of Heaven is YET to be sound off.

    When one passes (dies on Earth), that individual breath mist energy – human’s life record is closed and sealed until Judgment Day, and that just life recording angel is either re – assisted unto another new (born) individual breath mist energy – human’s life record or perhaps some other task / duty assignment. And know this: reincarnation, misc past live’s etc crap is just that = crap. And One like a light switch, automatic process, enters immediately – after human death, into God's 'Sleep Program' < that awaiting period, however long, prior to judgment day.

    Father God can eternally dispense individual breath mist energy out of Himself and NEVER be less, thus, never He create / dispense a limit number and just rotate, misc over and over again. Ugh, sigh, whatever. Time does not exist, not in Heaven, nor on Earth / anywhere; what we human’s THINK we ill know about time is, essentially, nothing more than a measuring tool, so to speak that Father God (alone) utilizes to measure, misc His agenda, misc and as such Jesus WILL be the FIRST to be told, of time/date of end = Father God: ‘My Son (JC / Jesus) it is time;

    NOT any human, claiming such knowledge of time / date of end – again, is in fact, ill – giving Lucifer / Satan a timeless ill audience, just another something to ill laugh at = us! And Lucifer / Satan ‘court – jester’s, regardless whether humanity ‘gets it’ or not, it is – what is. Father God’s Word, overall, opinionated, in a nutshell, so to speak: (2) life test period’s, (2) Judgment Day’s and (2) Lucifer / Satan disposition’s;

    We’re in the (1st of 2) life test period’s now / currently / presently – since Adam and Eve. The 2nd and final life test period is that of – Jesus / JC’s 1,000 / yr – (10) century reign to begin there after the (1st of 2) Judgment Day’s, The 1st of which I call "The Scene of all Scene's".

    Then, yet to come, is the (1st of 2) Judgment Day’s, which the first – the exhibited scene, thereof, will be humanly incomprehensible; not even the most horror / Sci-Fi movie / film, regardless of any film technology, could ever depict the exhibited scene of the (1st of 2) Judgment Day’s, hence, it will be one’s own life record, ie: a mirror – that will either eternally convict or reward that individual breath mist energy, with no one to blame if eternally convicted, not even their life recorder angel assigned to their life record, solely themselves to blame if eternally convicted. HOW will (we each) be judged on, ie: our Heaven life record, of our 'free will' utilized usage?

    The 2nd and final Judgment Day will be there after Jesus / JC’s 1,000 / yr – (10) century reign. Yes, ‘tomorrow is not promised unto no one’, but IS no excuse to BE clueless, misc / etc. Then of course will be the (1st of 2) Lucifer / Satan disposition’s – (1st will be the ‘Bottomless Pit’ and the 2nd and final will be the ‘Lake of Fire’).

    So imagine for a moment if you will, on your left (in general, not Earth / world politically) you have Adam and Eve, and all the way over on your right (in general, not Earth / world politically), there’s the blurred, faint, can’t really see them clearly – ‘few’ – those found by Jesus / JC, after the 2nd and final Judgment Day to be acceptable (to say the least) and ‘they’, the few, will positively, misc reap, misc and ‘BE’, that which and HOW, Adam and Eve should have ALWAYS been and had – all around and amidst them, prior to, again: Eve wouldn’t have been the first to sin, IF, Adam would have first / prior / beforehand, remembered AND told / relayed unto Eve, WHAT Father God told him – (Adam) to tell Eve – (re: not touching the tree of life).

    But no, guess that just slipped Adam’s mind, thus, both Adam and Eve are to blame. So with Adam and Eve on the left and ‘the few’ on the right, stand back, ie: from a painting, misc, and see amidst / exhibited all this / that in the middle, between those (2) point’s, the left and right = human limited time line; and again, humanity wonders cluelessly just why Father God justifies a) Judgment Day and b) allowing / granting Lucifer / Satan = (the yet to come: wolf in sheep’s clothing as anti – Christ) – minimal power?

    BECAUSE, humanity (from Adam and Eve UNTO those ‘few’ in the very end, and that of course includes the current / present: Over or growing unto yet to come: (7,158,182, 200), give or take = individual breath mist energy – human’s, continually, exhibit’s ill maintained ‘i.f.w.’ – (ill free will usage), thus, forcing Father God’s hand, hence, Father God (ie: as the ultimate parent, (knowing what’s best for His creation (s), not our’s). We are mere breath mist energy creation’s dispensed out of Father God’s very Being, that is all.

    All will bow before Jesus / JC declaring He is King of King’s; even Lucifer / Satan will bow. If someone else was allowed to deal with and handle both of Lucifer / Satan’s dispositions’, 1 and 2, they’d have Lucifer / Satan trying to claw his way out, like a humanly incomprehensible terrified being – hence, that allowed one, would tear, not kill / terminate, Lucifer / Satan.

    BUT, truthfully speaking, that is not who Father God is, thus, as to why Father God has authorized Jesus / JC to a) be 1st to know of time / date of end, and b) handle both of Lucifer / Satan’s dispositions’, period. It’s been said, misc, that it is: desperate, imperative ‘holy retribution’ – NOW, that Earth needs amidst humanity, ie: like the exhibited visual / non – audio, way the Roman soldier’s ‘rolled’ onto the scene, back in the ancient day; they no play.

    Like the need for/of (?), a team to be put together, and with no answering to no human – anywhere, = ‘clean house’, and I don’t speak killing of Earth / world’s public known AND unknown decision power holder’s, but imprisonment and / or misc non – kill disposition option’s, unless, out of – if it comes to it / that – taking out, as a last final safety precaution.

    But here we all are: Over or growing unto yet to come: (7,158,182, 200), give or take = individual breath mist energy – human’s, still ill continually, misc / etc talk, talk and talk some more about, say, ‘gotta fix this / that’, mean while, nothing really happens enough, say, if to persuade, move and or ? – Father God to call of 2 of 2 Judgment Day’s, and 2nd and final life test period – Jesus / JC’s 1,000 / yr – (10) century reign, regardless of Lucifer / Satan’s disposition’s.

    Adam and Eve’s (both) sin, misc was one, too many, hence: (2) life test period’s, (2) Judgment Day’s and (2) Lucifer / Satan disposition’s. Father God is love, but Father God also is – ain’t playing; humanity thinks Father God just wanted to ‘create’ something, that He's gonna just forget all, do away with Heaven’s life record’s room, etc and allow every one to just come into Heaven? Uh no, think again. His patience is wearing 'thin'. Project Earth – 'Clean House' is coming, oh yes! God 'created' & God will 'clean' = prep / renew, prior to 'New Earth' descend.

    Sigh . . . it is advisable unto humanity, no brainer / understatement, that though it be possibly opinionated (above text) that it be seriously contemplated on. That is all. God bless – in Jesus name = current / present – Over or growing unto yet to come: (7,158,182, 200), give or take = individual breath mist energy – human’s.

  72. Google me: jeffreydavidmorris,

    Some whom claim to be Christian ie: I’ve heard it said online per churches that claim to help homeless, misc – “Some help, most don’t”; more over – have at least, in some respects, in denial, etc – they are, if even a majority of this species (claimed to be in HIM), have and ill still do make a mockery of HIM (God/JC), His Word (Basic instruction’s Before Leaving Earth), and got HIM pegged all wrong, you human’s . . . you just don’t get it, though you all deem you can ‘handle the truth’. Huh, oh, what can be said / shared enough, not that you human’s even after 20 centuries are / would have the capacity, furthermore, no capacity to do what needs to be done, nor the capacity to know what you do ie: “They know not what they do” – JC < multiple level's and layer's.

    In My Own Words;

    "GIVE ME JEHOVAH, JC, HS or GIVE ME ETERNAL DEATH" – (though 'Death itself is not traumatic, rather what dies inside of you/us all, while we remain with breath').

    You human species, are not gonna like hearing what I speak, but I don't care; I'm 'touched' by Him and only care about Him & Him alone! God's Word alive? Huh, look around, yeah, we're all amidst it!

    Any of you human's (think?) this, that is just in my head? Huh, yeah, if only. Or what? I, etc are a / the – threat? Yeah, that's a hoot!

    God / JC / HS speaking thereof in more way's unto us all, question is, who ENOUGH is listening, really, or does (?) just write off as (?), whatever?

    Huh, yeah, it's gonna be whatever, misc on THAT day – yet to come . . . sigh, so sad, how could / can a living species do that / this unto itself?

    How many 'Jack Ryans' (Patriot Games / Clear and Present Danger) will it take? How about Billy's – (Young Guns), Kyle Reese's? Huh, TAKE YOUR PICK.

    Thinking about: 300 / Spartans, fighting for Greece, glory, misc? Try Jehovah! What? twice, three times, etc size of army of that of Lord of the Ring's?

    Think about past war's that have been fought – TO deem Jehovah worthy of surrendering everything to, to GET, understand, misc say, anything of which I speaketh (here) on this webpage or (that) on another webpage (here) on my website: (Additional 'Personal Spiritual Theology').

    You wanna see God's Word come alive? Huh, LOOK around, cause you (human's) walk it like a script, despite etc else I wish to not dare speaketh (if I could) of that, not only amidst my 4 decade's plus, but that as well of learning of (our) human history of over 70 centuries.

    Huh . . . just no word's enough can truly (?) what this species HAS done and STILL ill does. sigh.

    We, this 'created' breath mist energy species . . . are / is a thought, an idea, and dare I deem / speaketh, misc a flawed, failed and / or misc idea at that!

    Huh, over 70 centuries, and still, this species, like nothing – 'AS SHOULD HAVE BEEN'. Sigh . . . just nothing fazes you human's, this species enough, just nothing.

    Now I know (loosely said) I may be hated against, misc for what I casually share per my own self, faith based conviction from whom I (etc) have come from, I cannot deny, nor will I, that which is true from HS has laid upon my Being, aside from potential, possible few other’s amidst us all (currently / presently), however ‘few or vast – few’ that may be unknown and / or unbenouce unto myself. I'm NOT gonna deny Jesus/God & all of Heaven!!

    Inside, thereof, be it music song's, film's, misc – be it line's said, emotion's expressed, word's of instruction, need for a coming back unto Him, misc, thereof as perhaps they speaking wouldn't even acknowledge or deem it could very well be the whispering of God – Himself, unto us all.

    Lucifer's sole 1 laughing it up at us!

    Huh, ironic. Here's one that momentarily come to my mind among many I could think of: White Lion's (Children) song, or how about Phil Collins (Land of Confusion).

    I mean, huh, take your pick, music, film, misc else source's. “Book of Revelation”.

    Here’s another thing: The Earth (itself) is not going to be destroyed, but like that of a maid whom diligently strips a bed of it’s dirty, misc sheet’s, so as to apply and lay down newly clean sheet’s.

    My point – JC will be judgment day mediator. Question: where’s God gonna be? Huh, God created, and God alone will and must – Himself anew.

    Question: how may God anew the Earth without destroying it, to anew it, thus, for the new above to descend? 3 element’s: fire, wind and water.

    Fire and wind clearly with alittle water. But definitely water to finally rinse. To where when this Earth becomes then say like that of a brand new toy marble, clean, shiny, misc (=) the old has passed away.

    There after (our) judgment day, the Earth – will be renewed, better than (6 day’s). So then like that of a maid, old dirty sheet’s gone, new clean sheet laid, thus, moving on.

    For which then the new Earth, misc (per God’s Word) thereof can descend, for the 2nd and final Earth life test period (=) JC’s 100 centuries / 1,000 year reign, Lucifer will be in his 1st of 2 sentencing disposition’s – ‘the pit’.

    There’s more amidst God’s Word than you human’s care to even know, misc ie: all that you deem of JC, how much more so do you think or can deem HS is?

    What is wrong with you human’s, even after so many age’s of this species carrying on as you have, the death, pain, vast much, ugh. It’s so sad.

    No word’s enough can be said, thus, again, “They know not what they do” – many level’s, many layer’s.

    And for this species, at any time ever amidst our human history, to deem, misc otherwise that God, misc hasn’t been ‘on His game’, as I heard one deem on some night time radio show, I was left with my mouth dropped open in minimal disbelief with that what I just heard one say over the air waves – unto how many listening?

    That is holy futile and dangerous, ie: like crossing a Holy line drawn that is deemed not to be crossed;

    But like Lucifer ‘way back’, standing there before all of Heaven ‘fronting’ the Father, and say, Angel’s standing there with their mouth’s dropped open in disbelief.

    Sure, any of us human’s wish, even minimally maybe this was just some bad movie, dream, nightmare, so surreal, it’s just in our own head – huh, the heck it is.

    Despite one may regardlessly ask, sigh: “What is real? How do you define real”? And so called, law enforcement, and perhaps related ‘shields’ – ie: today’s (Roman Soldier’s), although they no pack sword’s anymore as they did; that which they pack are quicker with their usage thereof.

    How can anyone not ponder that this species hasn’t exhibited usage of everything, whether it be the root of all evil – money, or say – the internet / web, take your pick;

    But unto that of mere ‘toilet paper’. Really. This planet, each other, one’s self, to what? Being One of the worst behaved species of them all – out there, amidst / amongst all the vast, multiple, unknown and incomprehensible (to us) – universe’s and galaxies.

    Yeah, they 20 centuries ago thought they could handle the truth tool; what took the incarnated human truth, nailed it unto 2 piece’s of wood, and stood there and watched it bled out it’s / His 6 liter’s or so of blood, thus, deeming thereafter . . . ugh.

    You human’s. Still think you can handle the truth huh. Jack Nicholson was more right than he’ll ever know.

    See, just what I’m saying, you human’s limit HS, and then, that and the other.

    Huh, as One I heard ask once: “Will this species ever be right or misc, though not as it always was suppose to be?”

    Sigh, I don’t know, only God knows. But it is each individual’s self responsibility to be self aware of their own free will usage at any given moment.

    Which means, they must not be swayed or misc by anything that God/JC/HS wouldn’t deem as right. How to know?

    Huh, hello, He has kept the door, loosely said open for so long. But, that door will not forever remain open, be clear on that.

    I can only hope Hebrews 11:1 (ie: what do you believe, what is real – to you?) – that this species can be as God hoped we’d be, than age’s past.

    Wish you all well brothers and sisters, son’s and daughter’s of Adam/Eve, regardless of gender, race, color, world residential location, misc. May peace, misc be with you always. ‘THE DAY’ IS COMING. Sigh . . .

  73. Planet Earth; Google me: jeffreydavidmorris,

    Like it’s been said, of of course, with this (human) species: ‘The sole NON-innocence life on this planet Earth’, while all the other vast, individual species on this planet ARE the innocent; “If you human species can’t tend to your own planet (created by Father Jehovah God whom only wanted to ‘create’ something), though clearly after 20 – 70 centuries to date, exhibitedly that was never enough, then NONE of you human’s don’t deserve to live here on this planet Earth, period”!

    It’s ironic hearing the dialogue exchange –
    The ageless human individual innocence: I need to know what’s happening.
    Keanu Reeves:
    This planet is dying. The human species race inhabiting upon it. . . is killing it.
    Jennifer Connelly:
    So you’ve come here to help us.
    Keanu Reeves:
    No, ‘I’ didn’t.

    Jennifer Connelly:
    You came to save the Earth. . . from us. You came to save the Earth. . . ‘from’ – us.
    Keanu Reeves:
    The survival of this planet can not be risked for the sake of one species inhabiting upon it.
    Jennifer Connelly:
    What are you saying?
    Keanu Reeves:
    If the Earth dies, you 7,059,917,994 die. All of you. If all of you 7,059,917,994 die, the Earth survives, is renewed and reborn with a chance to repair, heal and recover, unto it’s once long ago untainted beauty.
    Jennifer Connelly:
    You can’t do this . . .
    Keanu Reeves:
    This creation can not be allowed to perish, at any cost or by any other species inhabiting upon it.
    Jennifer Connelly:
    We can change . . . We can still turn thing’s around . . .
    Keanu Reeves:
    God / Jehovah, Jesus, all the Angel’s and all of Heaven have watched, waited and hoped that you would change, despite time does not really exist.
    Jennifer Connelly:
    Please . . .
    Keanu Reeves:
    It has reached the tipping point. God / Jehovah must act, otherwise He invalidates, misc / etc His Holy Being and who He is. I can not make you human species understand, on your wave length..
    Jennifer Connelly:
    Please . . .
    Keanu Reeves:
    God / Jehovah will undo the damage human species race inhabiting upon it – have done, and give the Earth a chance to begin again, to survive, to be renewed, reborn unto it’s once long ago untainted beauty.
    Jennifer Connelly:
    Don’t do this. Please, we can change. We can change.
    Keanu Reeves:
    ENOUGH! You human species was created to care for this planet. And you have exhibited everything but across the Timeline, even with nothing has exhibitedly changed in over 2,000 year’s since Holy King Majesty Jesus returned back unto Heaven and His throne, along right hand side of God / Jehovah. The decision has been made. The process has begun.
    Jennifer Connelly:
    Oh God . . .
    Keanu Reeves:
    I have sincerely nothing more to say or add. If anything further, it will come from God / Jehovah / Holy King Majesty Jesus / HS Guidance Counselor – Holy Spirit whom came forth amidst the humans in the absence of King Majesty Jesus. The final eternal answer has been left unto and with King Majesty Jesus, by authority of God / Jehovah.

  74. Carl Curtis says:

    Mr. McCarthy: I really appreciate your comments on Ben Carson (and Charles Krauthammer). In fact, I wrote my own, much more limited response to Krauthammer for The Christian Review ( yesterday, which, due to the Pope’s visit, has not yet been posted. We in general agreement on the issue of constitutional “didacticism,” and I’m grateful for the depth and learning you bring to the subject.


  75. I do not get to read your columns very often, but I finally read your July 2nd article “Sovereignty, Preempted” at NRO, and I must say how refreshing it is to FINALLY hear someone else echo the basic principle that I preach constantly: the federal government is only ALLOWED to do what the Constitution’s enumerated powers REQUIRE it to do…no more, no less. I actually submitted a letter on this to SCOTUS earlier this year, just prior to their disastrous rulings upholding Obamacare and “gay marriage”, and I thought you might find it worthwhile (also posted at


    When arguing in Federalist 84 AGAINST the inclusion of a Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution, Alexander Hamilton wrote the following:

    “I go further, and affirm that bills of rights, in the sense and to the extent in which they are contended for, are not only unnecessary in the proposed Constitution, but would even be dangerous. They would contain various exceptions to powers not granted; and, on this very account, would afford a colorable pretext to claim more than were granted. For why declare that things shall not be done which there is no power to do? Why, for instance, should it be said that the liberty of the press shall not be restrained, when no power is given by which restrictions may be imposed? I will not contend that such a provision would confer a regulating power; but it is evident that it would furnish, to men disposed to usurp, a plausible pretense for claiming that power. They might urge with a semblance of reason, that the Constitution ought not to be charged with the absurdity of providing against the abuse of an authority which was not given, and that the provision against restraining the liberty of the press afforded a clear implication, that a power to prescribe proper regulations concerning it was intended to be vested in the national government.”

    The above makes it quite clear that the only authorities the government has are those it is specifically granted/given in the Constitution, via the enumerated powers. “For why declare that things shall not be done which there is no power to do?” In other words, Hamilton was stressing the needlessness of enumerating specific individual rights that the government shall not infringe upon, when it was never granted a specific power to do so in the first place.

    Of course the Bill of Rights ended up in the Constitution, and we are all very fortunate that the framers were appropriately pessimistic about the designs of those “disposed to usurp” to include them. Also, the framers made sure that a few of those original ten amendments addressed concerns such as Hamilton’s directly. The 9th Amendment explains with utter clarity that the purpose of the Constitution is to limit government, not the people. The 10th Amendment stipulates that the federal government is only allowed to do what it’s specifically required to do, with all the rest left to the states or the people. And, just in case the government should ever violate its strict constitutional limits, the framers also made sure to clarify via the 2nd Amendment that absolutely NO gun control laws are allowed at ANY level of government, so the people would never be deprived of the ability to defend themselves.

    Now, let’s extend the above truths about the purposefully strict Constitutional limits placed on the federal government to a few specific cases either currently being, or soon to be, considered by the Supreme Court. The first is the latest case related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more commonly referred to as “Obamacare”. This case challenges the legality of federal health insurance subsidies, according to the actual wording of the ACA, which limits that money to state exchanges.

    But, in light of the above explanation about the purpose of the Constitution, I prefer to approach this from a different, more fundamental angle: which enumerated power requires the federal government to have anything at all to do with health insurance? Where in the Constitution is the government authorized to pay any subsidies, or to provide any benefits at all? Where in Article 1 is Congress empowered to force anyone to buy anything, for any reason?

    Hamilton also clarified in Federalist 84 that the Constitution “is merely intended to regulate the general political interests of the nation”, and is not for “the regulation of every species of personal and private concerns.” And it is also clear from the other writings of the framers that, Constitutionally speaking, the use of the word “regulate” refers to government ensuring that people play by the rules – NOT writing those rules. We have legal recourse through the courts, in case of contract violations, but the government does not get to dictate the terms of the contract, especially in opposition to the wishes of either or both of the parties engaging in the contract.

    The second case coming before the court deals with “gay marriage”; specifically, the constitutionality of the laws of various states which do not recognize them as legal. Aside from the simple questions of definitions (if we legally recognize a definitional impossibility such as “gay marriage”, what’s next – “pregnant men”?), we must focus on the more fundamental question about Constitutional limits on government.

    Once again, it’s important to remember that the Constitution specifically limits the FEDERAL government – NOT the states. The 10th Amendment says that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” This makes absolutely clear that the only things the states are NOT allowed to do are those things specifically prohibited to them by the Constitution, while the federal government is ONLY allowed to do those few things required of it by the enumerated powers.

    So, to paraphrase my earlier question about Obamacare: which enumerated power requires the federal government to have anything at all to do with marriage? Where in the Constitution is the government authorized to provide any benefits or preferential tax treatment to any class/group of people, including married couples? Where in Article 1 is Congress empowered to change the definition of marriage?

    By law, people are allowed to be gay. And gay people are legally allowed to marry. But why would they want to, since doing so means – by definition – entering into a union with someone of the opposite sex? Because that’s what marriage is, always has been, and always will be: the union of one man and one woman, which grew out of the natural fact that it takes one of each to produce children.

    But none of this changes the fact that the federal government is limited to those few duties specifically required of it by the enumerated powers. And none of those enumerated powers require the federal government to change the definition of marriage, or to pay benefits to anyone for any reason, or to tax certain groups of people differently than any others.

    Thus we find ourselves facing yet another instance of the federal government considering granting to itself more power for which it has no constitutional authority whatsoever. And here’s the kicker…whenever that happens, EVERY American citizen has legal standing to challenge it. Since the federal government is “of the people, by the people, and for the people”, it is every citizen’s right – no, duty – to ensure that every law passed or even considered comports fully with the Constitution, which is THE legal precedent that trumps all others.

    I fully understand the ramifications of what I am saying in this letter, and how many more laws/programs/departments/agencies would be affected by properly implementing the constitution’s purposefully strict limits on the federal government. But the Constitution is clear in its purpose, and the Bill of Rights reinforces that clarity beyond a shadow of a doubt. To ignore that, for any reason – especially for political ones – is an abrogation of our responsibility as a free people to maintain the liberty with which we’ve been endowed.

  76. William Mcgrane says:

    From the beginning of obama’s presidentsy I believe he has implemented what he learned from bill ayers. However the approach differs in that the overthrow of the government is best implemented nonviolently. The populace is complacent busy trying to survive.

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  78. Dear Mr. McCarthy,
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  80. T.Morgan Willemse says:

    Saw this on Free Republic this morning.

    Sean Hannity said today that the CAIR representative during the press conference the day of the shootings (when the MSM hadn’t yet officially confirmed it was Muslims…) just happened to be the translator for the blind sheik.
    14 posted on ‎12‎/‎4‎/‎2015‎ ‎11‎:‎16‎:‎52‎ ‎PM by grey_whiskers

    Interesting, if true.

  81. Anonymous says:

    I just watched Mr. McCarthy for the first time and was appalled at his irresponsible and bigoted comments.

  82. Charles Wascheck says:

    We saw your segment on Megyn Kelly (12/14/15) and you refered to a book ‘something..something Traveler’. Can you post the name of the Sharia reference book you we quoting from. We’d like to get a copy of it. SeaJay

  83. @tmwillemse says:

    Reliance of the Traveler by Qutb
    It’s not something one simply picks up and reads. It’s massive and dense. A good treatment of its contents, though, is Steven Coughlin’s Catastrophic Failure, which came out in May.

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    Frank Castello

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  85. Jeffrey Bowden says:

    Mr. McCarthy, I heard you on the Mark Levin radio show about two months ago. There was brief mention of Islam being about 15% peaceful religion and 85% oppressive law. Will you please point out where that finding can be found in your writings?

    Thank you very much.

    All the best,

    Jeffrey Bowden

  86. Hello Andrew,
    I would love to see you to revisit (in NR ?) Huma Abedin ties with Hillary Clinton, in the wake of the former Secretary of State’s gross accusation of Trump’s ‘recruiting’ for ISIS. It should be clear that Clinton is far, far more preferable to ISIS and islamists generally than Trump would ever be.

  87. Why Carry a Gun?

    My old Grandpa said to me, ‘Son, there comes a time in every man’s life when he stops bustin’ knuckles and starts bustin’ caps and usually it’s when he becomes too old to take a whoopin’.

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people; I carry a gun to keep from being killed.

    I don’t carry a gun because I’m evil; I carry a gun because I have lived long enough to see the evil in the World.

    I don’t carry a gun because I hate the government; I carry a gun because I understand the limitations of government.

    I don’t carry a gun because I’m angry; I carry a gun so that I don’t have to spend the rest of my life hating myself for failing to be prepared.

    I don’t carry a gun because I want to shoot someone; I carry a gun because I want to die at a ripe old age in my bed and not on a sidewalk somewhere tomorrow afternoon.

    I don’t carry a gun to make me feel like a man; I carry a gun because men know how to take care of themselves and the ones they love.

    I don’t carry a gun because I feel inadequate; I carry a gun because unarmed and facing three armed thugs, I am inadequate.

    I don’t carry a gun because I love it; I carry a gun because I love life and the people who make it meaningful to me.

    Police protection is an oxymoron: Free citizens must protect themselves because police do not protect you from crime; they just investigate the crime after it happens and then call someone in to clean up the mess.

    Personally, I carry a gun because I’m too young to die and too old to take a whoopin’!



    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control:

    From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    In 1911, Turkey established gun control:

    From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Germany established gun control in 1938:

    From 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.
    China established gun control in 1935: From 1948 to

    1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Guatemala established gun control in 1964:

    From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Uganda established gun control in 1970:

    From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Cambodia established gun control in 1956:

    From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    56 million defenseless people were rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control.
    You won’t see this data on the US evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information.

    Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens.

    With guns, we are ‘citizens’; without them, we are ‘subjects’.

    During WW II, the Japanese decided not to invade America because they knew most Americans were ARMED!

    Gun owners in the USA are the largest armed forces in the World!

    If you value your freedom, please spread this anti-gun control message to all of your friends.

    The purpose of fighting is to win. There is no possible victory in defense.

    The sword is more important than the shield and skill is more important than either.




    I’m a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment! If you are too, please forward this. If you’re not a believer, please reconsider the true facts.
    This is history; not what’s being shown on TV, sanctioned by our illustrious delusional leaders in Washington.

    Copy and Paste this on Facebook to let the facts be heard!

  88. Thomas O'Reilly says:

    Andrew, Andrew, Andrew. How did you become embroiled with the hate Trump article in NRO? Beneath you. You, a competent author, would know not to sell a negative with a negative. The entire show portrays ‘conservatism’ as we are duly instructed to practice by the elitist DC/NY self appointed heirs to the Buckley throne as a frightened ideology on the brink of extinction. The cover and the interior 22? articles exude fear and cowardice. The alternative to Trump was not sold in any way.
    I have been an unabashed fan of yours for many years. I am disappointed with your running with the pack. What are you going to say when Trump asks you to be AG as I have recommended to him.

    Thomas O’Reilly
    South Portland ME

  89. What is senior policy fellow and contributing editor Andrew C. McCarthy’s position on Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s presentation of credible evidence and his conclusion that there is probable cause to believe that forgery and fraud have been committed in the production and distribution of the president’s LFBC PDF?

    Would senior policy fellow and contributing editor Andrew C. McCarthy agree that, if proven, forgery and fraud in the production of the president’s birth documents could constitute high crimes and misdemeanors?

    Would senior policy fellow and contributing editor Andrew C. McCarthy agree that, if the Sheriff of the third most populous county in the country concluded that there is probable cause to believe that forgery and fraud have been committed in the production and distribution of the president’s identity documents there should be a thorough investigation to clear the matter up?

    Would leading conservative thinkers and writers and pundits agree that investigating alleged crimes involving the president is the conservative thing to do?

    Or do real conservatives, the truest of the true National Review kind of conservatives, feel that some people are too important as symbols of equality to risk subjecting them to equal treatment?

  90. Dr. Joe Burns says:

    How can I send an email to Andrew C. McCarthy?

  91. Likely_Suspect says:

    Now that Kasich wants to play spoiler in the primaries, somebody needs to call him out over the Islamist terrorist attack on his home turf of Columbus. Machete wielding, green card holder Mohamed Barry attacks customers at Nazareth Deli (owned by Israeli Arab Christian).

    Attacker stopped by police later with a pit maneuver, came over the hood at police with machete and knife in hand yelling “Allahu akbar.” Cops shot him dead; it’s been weeks and not a murmur on the campaign trail… how about Mr. McCarthy you want the government to say 2+2=4, can you?

  92. John Buerer says:

    I’ve just read Hillsdale College’s Imprimis article “Islam – Facts or Dreams” in the February issue, adapted from a speech you gave at the Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship in DC. It shows, however briefly, how current and recent presidential administrations have imagined their own Islamic religion to apply in the face of Islamic motivated acts of violence. It strikes me that to some degree they’ve done the same to the Christian faith, which makes it more difficult for people with an integrated confidence in the supremecy of God over the affairs of man to play their part in the public forum and governance, than for others. I would enjoy reading anything you’ve written on the subject. Thanks for your clarity on Islam.

  93. Sharon Kass says:

    Regarding your recent IMPRIMIS article “Islam–Facts or Dreams?”:

    The conduct of Muslims and “Muslims” today has a number of factors besides “doctrine,” including personal masculinity issues and local group pressure. Global racial politics is another element.

  94. Safer Anonymous says:

    Regarding “Islam – Fact or Dreams?”: 1. I taught in an international school in Bahrain, 1994-96. My students were all Arab Muslims. Once when I was the invited guest speaker in a 12th grade Philosophy class, the teacher’s opening question was: “The Christian European/American tradition in the modern era separates religion and politics, or as you say, church and state. This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to the Islamic mind because our religion affects every area of life, including of course, politics and governance. Please explain to us how you think you can separate religion and politics.” The teacher had received a graduate degree in the U.S. and was known to be one of the most devout, thoughtful, open-minded, compassionate, and humane members of the Arab faculty – and yet she found the separation of church and state to be inconceivable! 2. I strongly encourage everyone to read, “Islam’s doctrine of deception” by Raymond Ibrahim in the October 2008 Middle East Forum, and “What does Islam teach about deception, lying, and taqiyya?” in It was only after living in an Arab Islamic Kingdom for two years that I began to realize how my Muslim students and colleagues had so easily “pulled the wool over my eyes.”

  95. Andrew, I too have studied Islam for years and truly appreciated your article in Imprimis, Islam-Facts or Dreams? I have one suggestion though regarding your comments on interpreting the Koran. The Bible is written by men but inspired by God and is subject to interpretation. But according to Islam, the Koran is the verbatim unalterable word of Allah that has existed for all time. As such it is literal and not subject to any interpretation. That’s an insurmountable problem when suggesting Islam can be interpreted, modernized, or altered in any way. Sure, most Muslims are not evil, but is that even relevant when the theology they embrace is?

  96. Dear Honorable Mr. Andrew C. McCarthy, Esq. BRAVO
    I read your writing Islam-Facts or Dreams in Imprimis, a publication of Hillside College. It was a breath of fresh air. You are right on all accounts, but you are not informed of one more fact. Verses of Koran, designated as Verses of Medina, are neither words of Allah nor of Mohammad. They were written by those who murdered Mohammad in Mecca. Those are the Verses that militant and belligerent Muslims use to justify their monstrous acts. I wrote and published “Mission for Mohammad and Islam, book one and two” (two volumes) and clarified who does what, why, and how. I was warned that I will be murdered. I asked by who and why? I was told by the Shiites and the Sunni, for blaspheny or disrespect to Islam or Mohammad. I made a gift of the two volumes to Ayatollah Montazeri of Shiite Sect and Late King of Saudi, leader of the Sunni Sect. No Fatwa was issued against my life. I am alive. Ayatollah Montazery replied to my letter in two lines. He said your writings are not right and have no need-for in history. As you have pointed out in your writing “and as a matter of fact, such evidence does not exist.” My insight came in an epiphany after twenty some years of study and investigation.
    You have been prosecuting their activists in the courts of law, we have been combating the ideology in the intellectual battle-fields. We have the best of the intelligent Islam-fighters in our team.
    Armen A. Saginian, P.E.
    April 4, 2016

  97. Paul Kahle says:

    Read your “Islam-Facts or Dreams?” article in Imprimis. Excellent work! I bought and read a copy of the Koran (The Koran, Translated by N.J. Darwoood, Penguin Books) after 9/11 to better understand what would motivate 19 men, many of whom were well educated upper middle class Saudi’s, to commit suicide to kill so many innocent men, women and children. I discovered the same problem you discovered, the foundational text of Islam does indeed instruct its adherents to have no Jews or Christians for friends and to fight against them even though it be against their nature and on and on throughout the book. It opens with the admonishment that ‘This book is NOT (my emphasis) to be doubted”. Further, the man who founded the religion and is the vessel thru whom God gave the word in the Koran, walked the walk in that he spread his religion by the sword and did lie to those not willing to accept his teachings and cut off their heads after they let their guard down. In your speech you make the comment that the Blind Sheikh was ‘not perverting Islam-he was, in fact, if anything, shining a light on the need to reform it.” to which I must respond-How would one ‘reform it’.

    Muhammed’s example as its founder is one of violence and beheadings. His Book is littered with admonitions to take up the sword against non believers until they are subjugated or killed. What can be modified and still have a religion? I contrast that with Christianity-how would you modify it if you had to eliminate Christ and major parts of the New Testament? Or imagine Buddhism without Buddha? It is a daunting and terrifying thought to contemplate upwards of 1.6 billions human beings, many of them living inside host cultures such ours in the US and in Europe, faithful to a religion that calls upon all of them to eventually, even though it be against their nature, to take up the sword against the non-believer. But that is exactly what we are faced with. Our political leaders and their advisors cannot contemplate such an enormous problem or a solution so, I suspect, they put their heads in the sand hope that Mr. Hoover’s “a chicken in every (Islamic) pot and and a car in every (Islamic) garage” will be sufficient to dissuade the true believer from acting on his faith. That may largely be wishful thinking, although there may be some who would balk at such action, I fear all to many, fearing they God the worship, will take action.

    I have no solution to offer. The obvious would too greatly strain the tenants of most of the world’s great religions, excepting Islam since Islam proposes just this solution.

    Again, excellent article. But that modify piece must be addressed.

  98. Cognitive Dissonance says:

    Mr. McCarthy,
    I read your article Islam–Facts or Dreams? (in Imprimis). I found it to be very interesting and enlightening. I do have a question for you, however, and it’s meant not as an argumentative challenge but rather as serious intellectual inquiry. Couldn’t much of what you said about Islam also be said about Christianity and Judaism? Off the top of my head it seems to me I remember the Bible, for example, saying that homosexuals should be stoned to death (there are many other examples of some pretty extreme and violent measures…). Granted that this is not an issue among Jews and Christians today but isn’t that only because most people have “rewritten” the Bible and “made up” their own version of it. In other words, if true believers were actually following what the Bible says to do (as do fundamental Islamics do with their scripture) we would have blood in the streets, slavery and other atrocities. As much as I agree with your article, I am, in my own mind, trying to square it with other religions by trying to use the same reasoning. I would love your feedback on this as I am really curious and grappling with the logic of this complicated issue. Thank you!

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  103. Angelique says:

    I love Andrew McCarthy he’s the best guy in the world!! I loved St. Elmo’s Fire, Pretty in Pink and Less than Zero, Weekend at Bernie’s 1 and 2, and Mannequin… I want to see his others like class and others… I also liked Straight through the Heart and Christmas Dance… Thanx for making the world a better place Andrew.

  104. Debra Walters says:


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  105. Anonymous says:

    Is this the real Andrew we are sending emails to?

  106. Joseph Shier says:

    Re: Loretta Lynch Meeting with Clinton

    There is a possibility you don’t mention. Obama wishes to have Hillary withdraw her name before the convention, and the surest way to have that happen is for her to need a pardon in the face of an indictment. Yet Obama cannot be seen to have had anything to do with an indictment, and the only way to have that happen is to have Loretta Lynch declare, just as she has, that she will follow the recommendation of the staff lawyers. Even better would be her recusing herself so as to make it clear Obama had no hand in Hillary’s withdrawal.

    Obama is serious about power and his fundamental transformation of America. Do you still not see him standing before the Democrat party and with deep regret announcing that for the good of the country and in order to preserve all that has been accomplished over the past eight years, he and Michelle have agreed to postpone their retirement from politics: with him by her side, Michelle will be the nominee. All those who see Hillary as historic will be ecstatic over not merely a woman but a black woman as president. Didn’t Bill and Hillary coin ‘two for the price of one’?

    And can you not see who the vice president candidate would be? His initials are BS.











    Let’s help Hillary and Bernie retire.

    Let’s help “WIPE” the smirk off #Hillary’s face. It will be a trial by voters since the FBI and DOJ failed us.

    Elect Conservative Southern Bluedog Pro-Life Pro-Second Amendment Pro-Constitution Pro-Israel #Democrat Lee Newton #Rhodes for #President 2016


    SHARE SHARE SHARE Even if you are not a registered democrat in New York. Friend me and join the Rhodes Road to the #White House.

    Follow me on Facebook at “Lee Newton Rhodes for President”



  108. There is an article today in the Daily Caller about Facebook’s censoring a new youtube video that provides facts (almost straight out of Andrew’s latest book) about Sharia and Islam. From what I could read, the core content is factually correct. This despite Mark Zuckerberg saying he is open to conservatives visiting him and his staff to communicate their philosophy to insure Facebook gives equal time to their side of issues. Andrew: take Zuckerberg up his offer, speak to the staff and give Mark an autographed copy of your latest book. Facebook is censoring the truth.

  109. Alex Deatherage says:


    I had a question for whomever handles billing. I was browsing on, and thought I would drop a line through your contact form. I wanted to see if you’d be interested in trying an Account Collections partner that works at a super low flat rate, zero contingency, and specializes in Customer Retention. Kinum is a trusted outsourced Accounts Receivable/Collections firm that has an incredibly low-cost, flat rate model (as low as $1.50 per contact) where we deliver both a high recovery rate, and maintain positive relationships with customers. I wanted to go over your office’s situation, and see if we could be a good fit or not. When are you free for a 15 minute call?


    Alex Deatherage

  110. I’ve listened to your interviews on radio regarding James Comey’s Clinton decision, and the Director’s Congressional testimony.
    It’s good to know there are still people in our country with high personal standards.
    I’ve been an attorney since 1973 and have an appreciation of what has transpired since the Bill Clinton AG meeting until today’s Congressional hearings. Both you and Mr. Comey should be commended for the rational and cautious manner in which you’ve both shared your thoughts about the Clinton imbroglia. Before laws school I spent 6 years in the military, 3 years of which involved the Naval Security Group. Top secret SI was coin of our realm.
    The military service and legal practice make it problematic to be objective. You and Mr. Comey are true professionals and my hats off to you both.
    I could not find Mr. Comey’s email; if you get a chance, please pass on my admiration to him for his honest methodology and personna.
    Right or wrong he’s a good man.
    Last time I saw this kind of intensity was the army v. Joe McCarthy hearings. (No pun intended).
    Best to you both

  111. Mr. McCarthy. Love your articles on Hillary escaping indictment. Do you think her lawyers are also skating?


  1. Contact – Andrew C. McCarthy

    […]Elderly woman hospitalised after sickening robbery. Police have released a CCTV image of a man they…[…]

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