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  2. Manny Jakel says:

    ANDY, it’s about time. What took you so long?????

  3. Your book, Spring Fever, looks interesting BUT only available in e-book format??? Come on. I’ll not buy a Kindle to read the thing. How about some hard copy availability?

  4. Is there ANY way to buy a “Spring Fever” download we could print? Your other books I have underlined, high-lighted, cross-referenced, written definitions in the margins (your vocabulary is amazing), stuffed full of index cards. They’re text-books to STUDY. Your book, in e-book format, is just not going to work for some of us. PLEASE allow us some paper!!

  5. Dear Mr.McCarthy..we read all your works/books regularly. We do NOT want an E-book, we would appreciate a text book please!!! We do NOT like the idea of holding a tablet. cheers, renee

  6. Andrew McCarthy, You have become my new hero after reading your PJ Media article on The Wages of Willful Blindness… What a well thought out opinion and it fits with the history of what we are seeing today. I appreciated your willingness to depart from conventional Democrat/Republican thought on Islam. Theirs makes no sense and is inconsistent with the observable facts. I am founder of the 912 Project Tennessee and have been able to separate myself from the GOP to be able to see their weaknesses while lamenting my prior confusion about the GOP being the answer for America. Our hope is in God and righteous principles.

    My sincerest thanks for what you do,

  7. Manny Jakel says:

    Everyone agrees that you are the creme of the cream, the very best that America has ever produced.
    or am i mistaken.
    I just couldn’t resist.
    I pray for you all of the time, ANDY, and am proud to say so. You are the sole reason it has not become worse than it is.

  8. Mr. McCarthy, I’m a great fan of yours. I have all your books. I followed the Blind Sheikh trials back in the 1990s with great interest. Yours is one of the most important voices on the political scene in regards to the advent of a global caliphate. But we need your words in print. Voice and electronics just won’t do. You can’t quote or verify a “voice” and electronic print has a way of disappearing, along with the truth. I hope you and your publisher will reconsider putting out a print version of Spring Fever.

  9. Duwayne Rhinelees says:

    Mr McCarthy: I’ll just add my voice to those clamoring for a print edition of your new book. E Books are fine for novels and similar items that you’ll probably read only once. For something more substantial, there’s no substitute for print. As someone mentioned above, you need a book to take notes, underline items, make remarks, go back quickly to previous pages and so on….all elements that are present in serious reading. And even if I wanted a Kindle edition, I can’t get it. I currently live in the Middle East and when I went to the Amazon site for your book, they had a big sign that said something to the effect that “This book is unavailable in E-book format for your location”. So it appears NO ONE currently in the Middle East will be able to download your book even if they wanted to. That’s probably a huge audience of readers/buyers that are being shuttered out.

    At least, make your book available as an “Print On Demand” publication. That way you only print what’s asked for. I’m not sure how that format works, but it’s something to think about. Thanks.

  10. Sharon Kass says:

    Mr. McCarthy, it was Lucy, not Linus, who said, “I love mankind. It’s people I can’t stand.”

    Thank you.

    –Sharon Kass

  11. andy r u an american ? I think and know I dont like u or anything u wtite even if I never read anything u wrote Why u say because what I read what u were writting about the piece of shit person that killed my fellow americans in boston u should have used just a very few words like kill the basterd in the hospital and the father surly the bitch mother o who says the story of her dam dogs thats her dam kids are good kids what is wrong with u everything is about stories and money ? e mail back u —— — – ——–

  12. ps stop writting whatever u write people that reply nice things about u must be from other and not born here and be true americans and yes im vet i was in the NAVY i am 100% service con I dont think u know anything about being an american? let me know also y u should live in my great USA

  13. Given our dubious results in Iraq, after the expense of so much blood and treasure – not to mention gifting Democrats with what appears to be a very long-term lease on the White House, weren’t there at least some Bush Administration advisers arguing against the commitment of ground forces anywhere in the Middle East for the purpose of promoting the installation of western-style democracy – a certainly well-intended but futile and counterproductive policy? In what book[s] is this pivotal decision point recounted?

  14. I just finished your book Spring Fever The Illusion of Islamic Democracy. I thought it was excellent, but there were many typos. You need a better proof reader.

  15. Deborah Toth says:

    Please, sir. We need print versions of your books. Also, what translation(s) of the Koran did you use as your sources when writing The Grand Jihad and Arab Spring? Thank you.

  16. Dear Andy,

    I’m a huge fan of yours. I came across this in a book on the history of economics. The bit on “infiltrating and indoctrinating the political parties and institutions of the West” reminded me of the brotherhood. Fabian Islamists…


    The London School of Economics, established in 1895, is considered one of the most
    prestigious colleges in the world. Many famous people have been associated with the
    LSE, including the playwright George Bernard Shaw, socialist Harold Laski, Nobel
    Prize–winning economist Friedrich A. Hayek, and rock-and-roll singer Mick Jagger (as
    a student).
    LSE was created by prominent members of the Fabian Society, all socialists—
    Sidney and Beatrice Webb and Bernard Shaw, the most gifted dramatist of the age.
    The Fabian Society was established in the mid-1880s to convince bourgeois intellectuals
    of the virtues of socialism. It was named after Quintus Fabius Maximus, a Roman
    general who avoided defeat by refusing to fight Hannibal head-on. The Fabian socialists
    rejected the revolutionary methods of the Marxists; rather they sought to achieve
    the same ends by infiltrating and indoctrinating the political parties and institutions of
    the West. This indirect gradualist approach proved extremely successful in twentiethcentury
    Britain, which experienced high levels of nationalization and welfarism. In fact,
    Sidney Webb established the British Labour Party in 1906.

  17. Mr. McCarty, What is happening to our country is a shame. I truly believe obamacare is similar to the German Enabling Act. A complete take-over. I found an excerpt of obama care by The Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, it reads under Sec. 1173A: ” For Doctors in Residency-the government will now be involved in educating doctors or indoctrinating them into their government controlled health care mindset. A bureaucrat will determine where you can do your residency and what you will be specializing in during that residency.
    The magnitude of the bill along with the numerous citations to other legislation makes it nearly impossible to figure out what everything in the bill actually means.The commission states………….. Now to me it means the government can change the rules at any time…..Just like obama, with the laws he likes and ones he doesn’t like. ICE, EPA, Boarder Patrol, IRS and dumping
    And if that is not shocking enough, the commission states ” The House Health Care Bill would create a program for senior citizens that likely would include education about end-of-life decisions and impacts on families. This program could essentially encourage the premature death of the elderly. This “Advance Care Planning Consultation” could be a slippery slope that potentially leads to euthanasia.
    By the simple act of mandatory insurance on a certain group of people and preferential hierarchy of others, completely destroys our country, and our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    The government will would decide who should live or die. Like England or the Netherlands.
    The government will decide who has abortions and who can keep their babies, Like China.

  18. Jeff Shuter says:

    Thanks for shining the beacon of freedom into the darkest corners of government…. Surely both DOJ and the Fourth Estate could take some lessons (although I won’t hold my breathe).
    Your article (23-Nov-2013) about scheme behind the Obamacare fraud was right on the money. The challenge is how to present that picture to the typical low-information voters, who understand neither the free-market or socialist models nor how that has any bearing on their lives. I see it as trying to pitch a long-term investment to someone who will drink away his entire week’s paycheck with his loyal friend Jack Daniels by describing the security and promising high interest rate. Details only matter once the controlling concepts and princples are understood.
    Further than your article went, though, is the broader Alinskyite scheme – state controlled life, not just health care. In economics, foreign policy, military and intelligence, jurisprudence, and basic existence, Obama, like his mentors and friends, seek social justice – which is neither social nor just. But since it sounds good for the proletariate, it is accepted by the liberals, promoted by the media, and sold to the populace. What will they think when they discover that scheme? Or will it be too late?
    Keep up your trumpeting of freedom. How do we connect all of these pieces to map out the broad picture?

  19. “What difference does is make?” How about two presidencies?

    The question that should be asked regarding the Benghazi attack is: Did Obama, Hillary and their staff discuss the political fallout resulting from the attack while the attack was going on?

    Maybe that’s why Obama was AWOL while the Embassy was under siege. He and Hillary and their staff went into serious damage control to salvage their political careers. That’s not too far fetched when you consider there were potentially two presidencies at risk: Obama’s re-election that by every account was going to be very close and Hillary’s in 2016.

    How did they come up with the “Video” excuse? This was totally made up. Isn’t it obvious how that one scenario conveniently provides cover for both Obama and Hillary? A successful terrorist attack on an American Embassy would be very costly politically because it would show Obama as being weak on defense and Hillary as incompetent.

    They tried hard to sell the video excuse to the American people and were lying every time they mentioned it. Why was Susan Rice sent out to promote the lie and not Hillary? If you remember Hillary quickly left the country to avoid questions and stonewalled for months and then eventually wants us to think the whole event is ancient history.

    If Obama had requested additional support during the attack then the “Protest Over a Video” excuse would not have worked. He would have to admit that he knew the attack was more than a protest.

    The Democrat’s slogan should be “Politics First” because for them it always is regardless if it’s national defense, economy, foreign policy, women’s rights, you name it. Unfortunately this time politics came before four American lives.

  20. Daniel Longo says:

    You’re an asshole.

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